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Официальный интернет-портал Президента Республики Беларусь

Национальная академия наук Беларуси


Грид-сеть высокопроизводительных вычислительных ресурсов Национальной академии наук Беларуси   

Портал рейтинговой оценки качества оказания услуг организациями Республики Беларусь   

БИСРС (Белорусская интегрированная сервисно-расчетная система и биометрические документы)   

United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) is the leading organization in Belarus in fundamental and applied research on information technologies: CAD/CAM/CAE systems, applied mathematics, high performance parallel computing, bioinformatics and medical informatics, geoinformation systems, digital cartogragraphic systems, Space informatics, GRID-technologies. The Institute is the provider of scientific and educational Internet networks in Belarus. It takes part in state recommendations on information technologies implementation, scientific support of informatization processes, prognosis in related science and technology fields  in Belarus, high skill specialists training.

The staff of the institute (on 31.12.2019) is over 334 persons including 127 research workers: 15 scientists with Dsc degree and over 57 – with PhD degree.

Main directions of research:
- Computer aided design/manufacturing/engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE)
- Processing and recognition of signals, images and speech
- Operations research and discrete optimization
- Decision making support systems
- Bio- and medical informatics
- Space and remote sensing data processing, geoinformation  systems
- Supercomputer systems and applications, GRID-technologies
- Computer networks and telematics application
- Information protection 
- Input-output of video information
- Information reference systems



Memorandum of Understanding between the UIPI NASB and ISTIC (China) signed in Minsk

Memorandum of Understanding between the United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences (Belarus) and Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (China) was signed on July 10th in Minsk.

The document was signed by Professor Alexander Tuzikov, General Director of OIPI and Professor Zhao Zhiyun, Deputy General Director of ISTIC during the visit to the Republic of Belarus from July 9 to July 12, 2017.

The Memorandum aims to cooperate in the field of information technology, including big data analysis, image processing, speech recognition, information security and high performance computing.


Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) was founded in 1956. As a national research and service institute ISTIC is designed to provide decision making support to the government agencies that take care of S&T activities in the country, in addition to its mandate of providing comprehensive information services to industry, universities, research institutes, and research personnel. It has become a management and service centre, an academic centre, a training centre, and an R&D and diffusion centre in the area of information technology.

As of March 2011, ISTIC had a staff team of 571 people, working for 7 functional divisions, 6 public good departments, and 3 enterprises, mainly on the collection of domestic and foreign journals; policy studies based on factual data bases; theoretical and methodological studies in information science; sharing and management of science and technology information resource; development, application, and diffusion of knowledge technology and language technology; the development of large S&T information service platform; S&T personnel training and further education; and the management of some learned societies.

The Institute had 431 researchers, with 46.5% of them possessing senior professional titles, and 36% master’s or a doctoral degrees.

ISTIC has been honored with an array of awards conferred by the national or provincial authorities, including 1 firstplace, 2 second-place, and 3 third-lace prizes for the National Scientific and Technological Advancement Award

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